Employee Satisfaction=Safer Workplace

Fri, Apr 27, 2012


So many times, when considering safety in the workplace, one huge oversight is made.  Rarely does anyone take into account the impact that employee satisfaction, primarily their physical comfort, has on how safe a work environment can be.

Money is spent on training seminars, handbooks, signs, safety equipment, and many other things that remind every employee to pay attention and be safe when working.  However, while those things are all extremely important, so is the worker’s ability to perform up to company standards.  If you take factory workers for example, who spend countless hours on their feet, most bent over or constantly carrying heavy objects, the more wear their bodies endure, the less effective they are, and the more likely an accident can occur.

The work environment is characterized by the interaction between the following elements:

  1. The WORKER: With the attributes of width, height, strength, intellect, range of motion, education, expectations and many other physical and mental characteristics.
  2. The WORKSTATION: Including furniture, tools, display and control panels, and other items required for work.
  3. The WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Including lighting, temperature, vibration, noise, and other atmospheric qualities.

The interaction of all the above points determines the manner by which a task is performed and what its physical demands are. When physical demands of work increase, the risk of injury increases simultaneously and when physical demands of a task exceed the capabilities of a worker or operator, an injury can occur which is detrimental to a worker’s health and safety.

Factory owners and industry employers must understand that in order to increase employee satisfaction besides praising and appreciating for the work done and motivating the workers to do more work by appraisals, they must include up-to-date working environment by replacing malfunctioning workstations with ergonomically correct workstations, poor quality tools and machines to newly advanced tools because by doing this employers will not only get good quality work from their workers but the physical demands at work will automatically decrease due to ease and comfort provided at the workplace. This will also help in increasing employee satisfaction.


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