Pros and Cons of the Self-Service Human Resource System

Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Employee Engagement, Recruitment

What is the self-service human resource system? It is a system that permits employees to view pay statements, bid on available openings within the company, update information, and read company polices.

Some of the benefits of the system

  • It reduces the workload for human resource personnel.
  • It can lower administrative costs in the organization.
  • It can streamline the processes for recruitment and selection.
  • It can be easy to use once the employee is trained to do so.
  • It can be accessed on any computer and at any time.
  • It frees up time for the HR staff members so that they have more time to work on assignments and other responsibilities.
  • Staff members, especially managers and team leaders, can quickly and easily locate answers and information without needing to consult with HR every time.

Some of the disadvantages of the system

  • Time must be invested to train the employees to use the system.
  • Certain staff may not be comfortable using the computer based system to bring up-to-date their information.
  • Training to troubleshoot problems with the system will be required, as well.
  • The probability of errors is initiated to the personnel files by the staff inputting the information.
  • The cost of implementing the system.
  • Staff may require assistance to understand insurance and benefit forms.
  • If the information is available over the internet, online security must be taken to keep employee personal information confidential.

A business that is thinking about implement this system must remember that examining all of the possibilities carefully when deciding to build a human resource information system is vital. It is also important to be aware of technology and trends for business in human resource. The system has its advantages and it disadvantages. Weighing the costs and benefits is necessary in the final decision.


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