The Characteristics of an Employer of Choice – Part 2

Tue, Aug 30, 2011








In my last post I started looking at some of the chief characteristics of those companies which manage to draw in and retain talented individuals by being an employer of choice, namely the ability to communicate effectively with employees, respect for company workers and fairness.  Today, I want to continue by looking at a few more of the things that such employers have to offer.


4. Acknowledgement and appreciation – Even though there are still many employers who think that workers should expect nothing more than a salary in return for their services, countless studies have shown that employees need to feel appreciated and be recognized for their efforts if they are going to be actively engaged with their work and their employers.  Those companies which rightly deserve the title of “employer of choice” make every effort to acknowledge and reward the growth, development and accomplishments of their staff.

5. Empowerment – Although it is often considered that only Generation Y workers are results-oriented and have the need to be able to get the job done in whatever way they see fit, in fact working in an environment in which they feel empowered to make decisions and take control of their own areas of responsibility is something which is common to most employees.  Employers of choice give their staff the leeway that they desire while still holding them accountable for their actions and expecting them to work towards specific objectives and within certain guidelines.

6. Staff development – Very, very few employees are happy to simply take on a job in the certain knowledge that it is going nowhere.  Employers of choice ensure that their workers have access to opportunities such as training and performance development systems which help them to develop personally and professionally and which give them the chance to move onwards and upwards.


In Part 3 of this mini-series, I will come back to the subject of being an employer of choice and offer some final insights into the characteristics that such employers demonstrate.


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