6. February 2015


What Employees Want Most (Hint: It’s Not About the Money)

As we all know, a happy employee is much more productive than an unhappy one — so much so that it can make the difference between prosperity and failure for the entire company.   So, what makes employees happy? The good news for your payroll budget is that salary is not even among the top […]

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29. January 2015


6 Un-Skippable Interview Questions

Most of us have a tendency to shy away from hard questions. We don’t naturally enjoy making people uncomfortable. In addition, if we’re under pressure to find and hire someone quickly, we might unconsciously focus on reasons to say yes rather than no.   However, it’s in the best interests of your company and your […]

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22. January 2015


How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

Despite your best efforts in the recruiting process, you sometimes hire the wrong person for the job. An impressive resume, a great interview and a standard background check somehow didn’t give you the information you needed to recognize the mistake before bringing that person on board.   What could you have done differently? Following are […]

12. January 2015


The Top 5 Incentives Job Candidates Want

The success of your business — present and future — depends on attracting and retaining top quality employees. But to do that, you need to know what today’s job candidates are looking for when they choose a company to work for.   The good news: it’s not all about the money. This is especially true […]

5. January 2015


The 4 Most Common Reasons Companies Lose Quality Employees

True, unemployment is still high and you might be justified in thinking your employees are so grateful they have a job at all that they’re very unlikely to resign. The truth is, however, that Americans have quit their jobs at a steadily increasing rate since 2009.   Employee turnover can happen to you; and replacing […]

29. December 2014


Temp-to-Hire: a Strategy to End Long-Term Unemployment

While the employment rate is falling in most areas across the country, there are still plenty of people out of work: an average of 3 for every open position. So making the assumption that an individual who has been unemployed for a long time isn’t worth hiring, could cause you to overlook some valuable talent. […]

22. December 2014


How (and Why) to Write Great Job Postings

In today’s employment climate, it’s a pretty sure bet that you’ll get dozens of responses to your job posting, no matter how it’s written. But will these respondents be the ones most likely to succeed in the position, and help drive the success of your business as a whole?   To attract top quality talent, […]

15. December 2014


Make the Most of Your Interns – Part 3

As promised in the last post, here are some practical tips for providing interns with a high quality work experience. Advocate for their success, help them perform better, and they’ll be keen to bring their skills and talents back on board should you want them for a permanent position in the future. That’s what we […]

8. December 2014


Make the Most of Your Interns – Part 2

intenrsNow that you’ve hired your interns, how will you use them? This decision will make all the difference in whether both the company and the interns reap maximum rewards from the internship program.   If internships are to provide real and lasting value to your business, don’t restrict interns to just carrying out the menial […]

1. December 2014


Make the Most of Your Interns – Part 1

Internship is (or should be) a fair exchange. The student intern or older career changer receives valuable work experience in his or her chosen field. The employer gets additional support for the business and a fresh perspective without having to make a long-term hiring commitment.   Some companies treat interns as dogsbodies or gofers who […]

24. November 2014


Writing References: It’s Not for Amateurs

If, like many companies, you leave the job of writing references for ex-employees to their supervisor or next level manager, you might want to think again. Just as in the hiring process, there are many potential legal difficulties that could arise if the wrong type of information is disclosed to recruiters from other businesses. What’s […]

18. November 2014


How to Have a Successful Team Building Experience

You’ve probably heard that good teamwork within an organization significantly increases productivity and success in the marketplace. You may even have defined it as part of your company’s vision and mission. It certainly is fundamental to our core values at Integrity Staffing Solutions, which encourage our employees to advocate for each others’ success and exceed […]

3. November 2014


DIY Criminal Background Checks: A Good Idea?

Most recruiters are, quite understandably, keen to establish whether candidates have a criminal record before they consider hiring them, especially in view of the fact that they can be sued if they don’t take reasonable precautions and the new hire causes harm to another employee. The question is whether you should do the criminal records […]

27. October 2014


A Check-up for Your Background Checking Provider

The whole area of background checks has become so complex, and so fraught with federal, state and local government regulations, that many recruiters are turning to specialist companies to handle these tasks for them. We use one ourselves at Integrity Staffing Solutions. We rely on their expertise to help us save time and money by […]

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