20. October 2014


Are Your Job Applicants Playing Truth … or Dare?

Nobody knows for sure how many candidates lie on their job applications. Some estimates place it between 10 and 30 per cent, others put it much higher. A 2006 CareerBuilder.com study suggested that 57 per cent of employers had caught applicants in a lie. What do applicants lie about? Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas […]

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13. October 2014


Background Checks: What Do You Have a Right to Know?

Of course, every employer has the right to confirm a candidate’s identity and check for a criminal record. Beyond that, though, there are limits to what you can see and use in your consideration of an applicant. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we use one of the industry’s top background check providers to ensure that every […]

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7. October 2014


The Generation Gap in the Workplace … It’s Baaaaack!

There’s a huge difference today in the way the older and younger generations perceive the business world and their roles in it. It’s the biggest gap we’ve seen since the 1960s and ’70s. Once again, youth is impatient with the old ways of doing things, while age distrusts the rookies’ abilities. This causes friction within […]

29. September 2014


On-The-Job Development of Next Generation Leaders

Identifying talented individuals within an organization who will be able to pick up the reins when top executives retire or move on is vital. But that’s just the first step. You must also give them the right development opportunities so that they can take up their positions quickly and effectively when the time comes. The […]

22. September 2014


Problem Staff and How to Deal With Them

Unfortunately, few businesses are without at least one or two problem employees. These are the individuals who create difficult situations or inter-personal issues, which then become the headache of those in the HR department who are expected to act as intermediaries. Even worse, they can seriously damage the morale and productivity of the entire organization, […]

15. September 2014


The Employee Referral Program: Is It Worth It?

In our last post, we looked at the pros and cons of hiring through referrals, which often happens even when there is no formal employee referral scheme in place. But should you set up a formal referral system? Many employers, especially larger organizations, say yes. After all, you can achieve better results through a consistent […]

9. September 2014


Hiring Through Referrals: How to Reap the Rewards and Avoid the Pitfalls

Many businesses have found that employee referral is a highly effective and cost efficient recruitment method. Even if you don’t have a formal referral program, it’s quite likely that you’ve hired people who heard about the position from friends or family already working for your company. In fact, our expert recruitment specialists at Integrity often […]

26. August 2014


Are Your Employees Making or Breaking Your New Hires?

Spotting workers who are not committed to the organization isn’t too difficult. Whether you use quantified measurements such as staff retention rates and customer satisfaction scores, or simply gauge your assessment on how enthused and focused your employees appear to be, the signs are usually pretty much in evidence. In this post, I’d like to […]

18. August 2014


You Want That Candidate? So Does Your Competitor.

The best candidates always have options. Even when you’re hiring in an employer’s market (as we are now) and expect to take your pick from a selection of good candidates, you’d be wise to remember that you’ll still be competing for the most desirable ones — and revamp your recruitment process accordingly.   Individuals who […]

11. August 2014


Are Your Managers Practicing What They Preach?

Do your managers preach financial prudence, expecting their staff to use the cheapest form of business transport, while they themselves travel first class? Do they require workers to stay late, while they head to the golf course in the middle of the afternoon? These are just two (somewhat extreme) examples of team leaders who set […]

4. August 2014


Are You Letting Your New Employees Teach What You Wanted to Learn?

Most companies today say they want innovation: people who will bring in new and different ways of seeing and doing things to help improve operations and put the company ahead of its competition. While you may be lucky enough to have a few creative individuals who continue to push the boundaries already on staff, you […]

30. July 2014


Succession Planning: Are Your Managers on Board?

Your line managers may be doing an excellent job at accomplishing their day-to-day functions: telling people what to do, showing them how to do it, and checking that it got done. Are they also helping future stars rise within your company?   You’ve put a lot of effort into identifying potential management material among your […]

22. July 2014


The Curse of the Counter Offer

Scenario: You’re about to lose valuable employees whose skill sets will be extremely hard to replace, especially if there is a talent shortage in that field or your area. How do you respond?   For many employers, the knee-jerk reaction is to make a counter offer in an attempt to retain workers whose importance to […]

17. July 2014


Advertising the Job: Keep It Simple to Attract the Right Candidates

Filling an open position takes time and money – and the less that you spend of each, the better. You want to recruit the right people the first time. The first step toward that goal is crafting a job description that’s accurate and understandable.   Here’s a classic example of an overly creative (and counterproductive) […]

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