22. July 2014


The Curse of the Counter Offer

Scenario: You’re about to lose valuable employees whose skill sets will be extremely hard to replace, especially if there is a talent shortage in that field or your area. How do you respond?   For many employers, the knee-jerk reaction is to make a counter offer in an attempt to retain workers whose importance to […]

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17. July 2014


Advertising the Job: Keep It Simple to Attract the Right Candidates

Filling an open position takes time and money – and the less that you spend of each, the better. You want to recruit the right people the first time. The first step toward that goal is crafting a job description that’s accurate and understandable.   Here’s a classic example of an overly creative (and counterproductive) […]

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7. July 2014


Are You Really Listening to Your Interviewees?

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we conduct thousands of face-to-face interviews every year, in every one of our Opportunity Centers across the country. This is the step that enables us to select candidates who not only meet our skill and experience requirements, but also have the right character and motivation to succeed in a particular work […]

24. June 2014


4 Tips for Minimizing Staff Turnover

When They Move, You Lose   Without a doubt, rapid employee turnover is bad for business. After all, the time and effort you spend hiring and training them to expertly fill their role in your organization go down the drain the day they hand in their resignation. Then you have to start all over with […]

16. June 2014


The Candidate Interview: 4 Things to Look for

We’re known for our ability to match the right candidate to the job opening. Our clients know that the associates we place with them are predetermined to have the best chance of succeeding, which of course helps our clients’ businesses succeed too. To make sure we’re choosing the right applicant, we go way beyond traditional […]

10. June 2014


Giving Recognition in the Workplace

Thanking employees for a job well done is something that often gets put on the back burner amid the pressures of daily work. But, given how much this simple gesture can increase productivity, it should be right there on the front burner. Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, our corporate culture is founded on our experience […]

4. June 2014


Embrace Culture in the Workplace

If a person from another culture doesn’t want to shake your hand or look you in the eye, is he or she being rude? Should you conclude that your business relationship with this person has failed?   Not necessarily. In fact, that person may be thinking you’re rude for trying to initiate physical or eye-to-eye […]

26. May 2014


HR’s Part in Balancing Work and Personal Life

If there’s one thing we know at Integrity Staffing Solutions, it’s that a happy employee is a productive employee. That’s why we focus so strongly on promoting our associates’ career success and satisfaction. And as you, our fellow HR professionals, know, that means more than offering decent pay and benefits.   In this post, we’ll […]

20. May 2014


The Impact of Globalization on HR

Our clients know that we won’t assign them just anyone who happens to fit the job description; rather, we’ll select the associate most capable of succeeding in that particular position and corporate culture. One big part of finding that top talent is to constantly monitor the global job marketplace and evolve our strategies to keep […]

28. April 2014


What is E-Verify and Should Recruiters be Using it?

What is E-Verify? E-Verify is an online system run by the U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS), part of the Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the Social Security Administration. It compares information from an employee’s I-9 form in order to confirm employment eligibility. It is used by over 500,000 employers in the U.S. […]

14. April 2014


How Much Emphasis Should a Job Candidate’s Education Hold?

It’s no secret that employers today value candidates who are college educated. Many companies require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to even consider a candidate’s resume. However, how much weight does that degree really hold? Candidates who are fresh from college often have a hard time getting their first “real” job. Why? A lack […]

7. April 2014


Cloud-Based Data Security – Is It Safe?

You may have heard about “the cloud” – after all, it’s a buzz word that both businesses and consumers are hearing frequently these days. No, we aren’t talking about the clouds in the sky. We’re talking about cloud-based storage for information. This technical solution saves digital content in a server farm that is based off […]

24. March 2014


Skills Every Human Resource Administrator Should Have

As a human resource administrator there are some key abilities that should be fundamentally a part of your managing skills.  When handling certain foundational parts of human resources like hiring new employees, payroll, compensation, and many other important job requirements keeping these skills in mind will help tremendously.  Here are a few things to keep […]

17. March 2014


How to Choose an Employment Agency

  Many companies these days keep overhead low by keeping staff lean. At times, there may be a need to urgently add staff for projects or peak workload demands. Other times, companies want an agency to do the hard work of sourcing candidates and matching them to open jobs. Using an agency can be a great […]

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